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Our Company: History & Ethic

Our story begins in 1982, with a basement publishing operation of 12 postcards and a strong desire to promote the beauty of Native art and culture to a broader audience. After 22 years of hard work and dedication, we have evolved into the industry leader in the innovation and creation of the most exciting range of unique and high quality products featuring Native art. Our philosophy is to reproduce the artwork while reflecting the integrity of the piece, the artist and his/her culture. We feature the name and tribal affiliation of the designing artist, and when possible, a quote offering insight into the artist’s personal and cultural meaning of the design.

Our Product: Convenience & Quality

Whether you are a gift shop, museum or gallery, ordering from Native Northwest presents you with several rewarding advantages for your business. We deliver the convenience of “one-stopshopping” and our product packaging and displays are designed to promote optimal merchandising in your establishment. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of custom options, allowing you to tailor products to best suit your market or corporate event.

Our Future: The Road Ahead

As our company continues to grow, so do our drive and commitment. Our future goal is to continue bringing you the familiar while exploring new paths to keep the market fresh and exciting. We appreciate your ongoing support and welcome suggestions and feedback. Ultimately, we are grateful to the artists who continue to commit to our aspiration to have their work recognized. Without their talent and energy, none of this would be possible and we thank them with the utmost respect.

    Artist Submissions    

Native Northwest welcomes submissions by any First Nations and Native American artist. We prefer artists who work in the art traditions of their Nation.

We welcome paintings and drawings by artists at all levels of their artistic development.

Please email us information about yourself, including websites, biography, links, and all contact information.

Our goal is to support Native art and culture and we strive to be a vehicle for artists to make their art accessible to a wider audience.

One of our current priorities is to develop educational material for children, especially at the early childhood development and primary levels.

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