Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund

Celebrating 40 Years of Building Everyday Connections to Indigenous Cultures

The Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund

In 2021, Native Northwest established the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund as a way to work with our customers and community partners to advance Reconciliation of the historic wrongs committed against Indigenous peoples.

The Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund supports people and families who continue to be impacted by Residential Schools and intergenerational trauma. Its purpose is to advance Reconciliation by funding initiatives that support Indigenous wellness, learning, and culture.

Native Northwest has funded 250+ scholarships and awards at 20 partner colleges and universities.

What We Support


Since Inception, the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund is responsible for over 250 scholarships for Indigenous students. We are also proud to support the BC Aboriginal Childcare Society, Urban Native Youth Association, Aboriginal Head Start Association of BC, and more.


We work with over 20 post-secondary institutions across Canada including, but not limited to: BCIT, Emily Carr University, Langara College, North Island College, UFV, UVic, Vancouver Island University, Capilano University, Kwantlen University, Native Education College, UBC, Vancouver Community College, and Yukon University.


Our Every Child Matters Orange Shirt Day products are designed by Indigenous artists and honour the cultures of Canadian Indigenous communities. By wearing an orange shirt we spread cultural & historial awareness continuing a much needed conversation around reconciliation in Canada.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships and Awards

The Reconciliation Fund was there...

It’s the photography student at Emily Carr University whose camera was stolen and needed another one. Through the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund, she was able to buy a new one.

It’s the Indigenous Education student at UBC who was struggling to put food on the table or pay for health insurance while studying. The Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund was able to assist.

It’s the nursing student at Vancouver Island University who can finish his degree sooner in order to provide better healthcare to remote Indigenous communities.



Every Child Matters

by Morgan Asoyuf, Ts'msyen

By wearing Every Child Matters shirts and accessories, we are starting a conversation about Reconciliation and paying respect to Residential School survivors, those who did not make it home and their families.

The Native Northwest Every Child Matters design is by Ts'msyen (Tsimshian) artist Morgan Asoyuf. Proceeds from sales go to the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund to advance Reconciliation by funding initiatives that support Indigenous wellness, learning, and culture.

"Children are to be honoured, loved, and respected and encouraged to thrive. This design reflects the multi generational impact of Residential Schools and the resilience of those who survived."

- Morgan Asoyuf, Ts'msyen (Tsimshian)


Morgan Asoyuf, Ts'msyen (Tsimshian) and her daughter shown in image wearing her 2022 Every Child Matters design.

Every Child Matters Initiatives


Proceeds from this year’s Every Child Matters orange shirts and accessories will be directed to the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund to advance Reconciliation by funding initiatives that support Indigenous wellness, learning, and culture.

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Stand against bullying on Pink Shirt Day and everyday! The Native Northwest Pink Shirt is the Kindness is Power design by Coast Salish artist Francis Horne Sr. The shirt's design features an eagle forming a heart. Eagles provide a vision of the power of love and kindness within us all.

This year, Native Northwest pink shirts proceeds will go towards the Native Northwest Reconciliation Fund to donate more than 1,000 of Learning My Rights with Mousewoman board books to Indigenous youth. Learning My Rights with Mousewoman, by Ts'msyen (Tsimshian) artist and author Morgan Asoyuf, is a first-of-its-kind book that empowers children to learn their rights.

Join Us in Taking a Stand Against Bullying


AFP Giving Hearts Awards


Native Northwest was recognized by AFP Vancouver through the Giving Hearts Awards as the 2022 Outstanding Small Business for our scholarship and bursary funding at UFV and other colleges and universities across Canada. In this video, Native Northwest founder Larry Garfinkel talks about the origins of Native Northwest, the Orange Shirt, and its partnership with UFV.